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Why Girls Love Shoes

RRP $20.99

Whether sexy stilettos are your passion, or you've just got a thing for leather thigh-high boots, you can feed your addiction with this little gift book.

More than just a necessity, for many women, shoes are our best friend: a favourite pair will cheer up a dull day, give a confidence boost when needed and see us through both good times and bad. It's a lifelong love affair that starts with Cinderella's glass slippers and never ends.

Shoes are, quite literally, an extension of yourself, and if there's one way to add instant glamor to your life, it's with the right pair of shoes. For shoe-obsessed ladies, whose closets are overflowing with slingbacks, wedges, Mary Janes, kitten heels, ballet pumps, and more, these pages will delight and inspire.

Illustrated throughout with stylish artworks by Sam Wilson, shoe-aholics are sure to adore this compendium of little-known facts and quips and quotes about every type of shoe under the sun.

What's In Your Shoe's?

RRP $16.99

The first half of this book contains true and graphic accounts of people with mild to very serious foot problems. Drama, humor, and heart run through these stories of real people, just like you, who needed help and had tried many things on their own. Traditional medicine and "thinking outside the box" got these people happy, comfortable, and many times simply out of their wheel-chair walking and dancing again. The second half of this book contains over 101 budget minded solutions, progressing from the simpler, cheaper to the more expensive medical treatments as necessary. Many suggestions are Do-It-Yourself. You will scratch your head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Are you an amputee or do you have a bunion? Yourself, a friend, or family member has foot problems what should you do? You will find multiple ideas and possibilities, such as: "What can I use to relieve foot pain that doesn't cost so much?" "How do I know if I really need a custom orthotic?" "Does anyone else have these same problems, or is it just me?" "How do I buy the right shoes in the first place?" "What if part of my foot has been amputated? How can I balance and walk again?" Lynda Elliott Goyzueta is a Certified Pedorthist who has dealt with these questions and found solutions. She has worked in a clinical setting as a practitioner/manager as well as helping the neighbor on the street. When you meet her she will ask you, "What's In Your Shoes?"

Shoes For The Moscow Circus

RRP $59.95

Shoes for the Moscow Circus is an atmospheric, lyrical look behind the scenes of a number of Australian trades and industries, many of which are fast disappearing in the modern world.

Arts writer Leta Keens, with photographer Oliver Strewe, visited more than 25 factories and workshops - including an umbrella maker and cricket ball factory, a taxidermist and a bicycle maker, a tannery and a dolls' hospital - and discovered far more than simply the history and processes involved in these trades.

With an engagingly readable style, she also tells the stories of the characters who inhabit these intriguing and often little known worlds.

About the Author

Leta Keens is a Sydney-based journalist who specialises in architecture, design and the arts. She started her career on the architecture and women's pages of a Fleet Street newspaper, and has since worked in Australia, Italy and the United States. She has edited several books, is the co-author of The Slow Guide to Sydney, and has written for a number of publications, including Harper's Bazaar, The Australian newspaper and Qantas in-flight magazine. For a number of years, she has been editor-at-large of the architecture and design magazine, Belle.

Postwar Jewish Displacement And Rebirth

RRP $306.99

This volume offers insights into the major Jewish migration movements and rebuilding of European Jewish communities in the mid-twentieth century. Its chapters illustrate many facets of the Jews' often traumatic post-war experiences. People had to find their way when returning to their countries of origin or starting from scratch in a new land. Their experiences and hardships from country to country and from one community of migrants to another are analyzed here. The mass exodus of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries is also addressed to provide a necessary and broader insight into how those challenges were met, as both migrations were a result of persecution, as well as discrimination. This book is also available in paperback.

If The Shoe Fits

RRP $15.95

Albert has found a wonderful, beautiful thing in the People's backyard. An old shoe! And it's the perfect clubhouse for him to play inif only he can fit it inside the playroom.


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