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Shoes A Love Story

RRP $27.95

It's been said that one can never too rich or too thin, but the truth for more women is really that one can never ever have too many pairs of shoes.

Shoes- A Love Story is a celebration of this passion, revelling in our infatuation and rejoicing in the stilettos, boots and sandals that have become a very socially acceptable obsession.

The Man Who Lived In A Shoe

RRP $16.99

CHAPTER I Are there any women today, I wonder, like the girl wife of Jacopone da Todi, who are found in the midst of worldly brilliance wearing the hair shirt of piety and devotion over their spotless hearts? I doubt it. It is no wonder that Jacopone, that "smart" thirteenth-century Italian lawyer, became a great saint when he made that discovery, after his beautiful young wife's accidental death. It would make a saint of anybody. I am quite sure Gertrude is not like that. But then Gertrude is not my wife-as yet. Nor am I Jacopone. I am nothing more, I fear, than a contented voluptuary of a bookworm. Like King James, I feel that were it my fate to be a captive, I should wish to be shut up in a great library consuming my days among my fellow-prisoners, the blessed books. To distil the reading of a lifetime into a little wisdom for my poor wits, that has been all my aim and my ambition, if by any name so dynamic as ambition I may call it. An old young man is what I have been called, and Gertrude seems propelled by some potent urge to change me-God knows why. I have just been talking with-I mean listening to-Gertrude. We are to be married, she says, in three weeks. Time out of mind we have been friends, Gertrude and I, as our mothers had been before us. She, the highly modern spinster and I, such as I am, have been linked for years by an engagement which is not an engagement in the old sense at all. It is a sort of entente cordiale. An engagement in the conventional meaning of the word would be as abhorrent to Gertrude as the old-fashioned marriage. As soon would she think of "being given in marriage" with bell, book and orange blossoms as of calling herself "Mrs. Randolph Byrd"-or anything but Miss Bayard. That is what we have been discussing this gloomy afternoon in my snug little apartment before a garrulous fire. For Gertrude is not so absurd as to hesitate to call on me at my apartment any more than I would hesitate to call on her in Gramercy Park.

Shoes For The Moscow Circus

RRP $59.95

Shoes for the Moscow Circus is an atmospheric, lyrical look behind the scenes of a number of Australian trades and industries, many of which are fast disappearing in the modern world.

Arts writer Leta Keens, with photographer Oliver Strewe, visited more than 25 factories and workshops - including an umbrella maker and cricket ball factory, a taxidermist and a bicycle maker, a tannery and a dolls' hospital - and discovered far more than simply the history and processes involved in these trades.

With an engagingly readable style, she also tells the stories of the characters who inhabit these intriguing and often little known worlds.

About the Author

Leta Keens is a Sydney-based journalist who specialises in architecture, design and the arts. She started her career on the architecture and women's pages of a Fleet Street newspaper, and has since worked in Australia, Italy and the United States. She has edited several books, is the co-author of The Slow Guide to Sydney, and has written for a number of publications, including Harper's Bazaar, The Australian newspaper and Qantas in-flight magazine. For a number of years, she has been editor-at-large of the architecture and design magazine, Belle.

Women And Resistance In Contemporary Bengali Cinema

RRP $329.99

Historically, Indian cinema has positioned women at the intersection of tradition and a more evolving culture, portraying contradictory attitudes which affect women's roles in public and private spheres.

Examining the work of three directors from West Bengal, this book addresses the juxtaposition of tradition and culture regarding women in Bengali cinema. It argues the antithesis of women's roles, particularly in terms of ideas of resistance, revolution, change, and autonomy, by suggesting they convey resistance to hegemonic structures, encouraging a re-envisioning of women's positions within the familial-social matrix. Along with presenting a perception of culture as dynamic and evolving, the book discusses how some directors show that with this rupturing of the traditionally prohibitive, and a notion of unmaking and making in women, a traditional inclination is exposed to align women with ideas of absence, substitution, and disposability. The author goes on to show how selected auteurs in contemporary Bengali cinema break with certain traditional representations of women, gesturing towards a culture that is more liberating for women.

Presenting the first full-length study of women's changing roles over the last twenty years of Bengali cinema, this book will be a useful contribution for students and scholars of South Asian Culture, Film Studies and Gender Studies.

Cinderella's Shoe A Fairy Tale Murder Mystery

RRP $14.99

Someone is killing the beauties of Once Upon A Time Land; Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella have all become victims of a mastermind of evil. And in Fairy Tale Land, Red Riding Hood has disappeared without a trace. Fear stalks the land as it is left to Hansel and Gretel to discover Red's fate, and to solve the mystery and thwart the wicked plans of a malevolent presence that roams the forest. From L. M. Roth, author of The Princess Who series, the Adventures of Abelard series, the Quest For the Kingdom series, and Disenchanted In the Land of Dreams Come True comes a fairy tale mystery teeming with eerie atmosphere, tender romance, and offbeat humor. Join the search for Red Riding Hood and piece the clues together to solve the mystery; and confront the evil presence if you dare...


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